Bachelor of Architecture- New Jersey Insititute of Technology- 1993 Masters of Management- New Jersey Institute of Technology- 1995 Licensed Architect- NJ, NY, PA NCARB Certified LEED AP Certified Interior Designer- NJ AIA Newark & Suburban Past-President, SIAEA Director, USGBC, NCARB




Bachelor of Science-Architecture- New Jersey Institute of Technology- 2004 Master of Science -Civil Engineering- New Jersey Institute of Technology- 2006 Licensed Architect- NY LEED AP



Mistry Design, LLC is a full service architectural firm that can provide the experience base of world-class companies while maintaining the personal commitment that only a small firm can give. We bring a great range of project experiences in type as well as in scale.  Institutional, commercial as well as residential, our services can include interior planning, building design, and master planning.  We take pride in our ability to give our clients service with a great deal of creativity and integrity. Our office is fully computerized and every one on staff is fully knowledgeable of the management tools and the drafting software.  This enables us to fully integrate all aspects of the project process eliminating much of the duplication that often occurs. By keeping our project process and our management efficient we can provide more service for less.


We believe that excellence in architecture is a product of understanding client’s goals while developing the best ideas

possible through collaboration.  Good design should work at any budget. As architects, we believe our job is to listen to

our clients and to take these goals and ideas and create visual and functional solutions that:

Respond to the client’s goals for function and budget.

Respond to the site and context

Integrate inside and outside

Integrate land and the building

Is sensitive to the environment

Is flexible and intelligent

Is collaborative

Is progressive



We begin every project by: Identifying project team and required protocol for communication and reporting. Outline the project schedule for review by team.  The schedule will identify: Critical milestone dates Budgeting & review/ approval dates Project review & approval dates Key coordination dates Key deliverable dates
TEAMWORK    Mistry Design is the consummate coach dedicated to pulling its team together making communication and performance run synonymously.  We believe good work is the product of interaction and sharing of knowledge between the client and the project team.  In short we’ll put in the practice to make it work. SCHEDULE    Time is one of the most important resources to everyone on the team.  A good schedule is a product of all the team members’ input reflecting what is real.  Deadlines work. COST CONTROL   Managing cost as an integral part of the design process yields projects that are on budget.  Cost is a design goal.  It is to be understood by all team members and monitored appropriately throughout the schedule. QUALITY   We believe quality is tangible through rigorous methodology. We strive to inform our clients each and every step of the project process and help to create decisions and solutions of the highest quality.


Our staff makes up who we are.   Here is a little information about us.



Bachelor of Architecture- Sardar Vallabhai Patel Inst. of Tech- India- 2007 Master of Architecture- Urban & Regional Design- NY Inst.of Technology- 2011 Awarded the Scholarship by South Asian American Association Inc -2010 Awarded the Graduate Assistantship by NYIT for one year Graduate School project for Stewart International Airport and Regional Development of city of Newburgh with its connection to NY city presented to Port Authority of NY and Pattern for Progress (PFP)




Assoc. in Business Administration- Morris County College, NJ- 2003 Accounting, Human Resources & Marketing